Drolsum Gård is the old main farm at Drolsum and dates back nine generations until the 18th century. The old main house was built in 1789, the storehouse is from 1790, while the blacksmith stable was built in 1859. In 1975 the new main house came on site at the farm. The utility house was built in 1986. The new notched barn was completed in 2014. The buildings are surrounded by a garden where you can find old flower varieties from the farms early days. The old main road at Drolsum passed through the farm during its time, but was moved in 1986. Today, the farm mainly deals with agriculture and forestry.

Important dates on the Farm

1789 - Old main house

1790 - Storehouse

1859 - Blacksmith stable

1975 - New main house

1986 - Utility house

2014 - The barn